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Tag des Sports 2022

On July 6th, 2022, the traditional “Sports Day” will take place again in Carinthia, this year for the first time in the Villach Alpen Arena!

The Sportland Carinthia in numbers:

1600 clubs / approx. 35,000 honorary officials / around 180,000 members in sports clubs / 12 training models / 15 state performance centers / 1 Olympic center / 1 army performance center / 40 Bundesliga clubs / 1 project “Top Sport & Studies” / 1 school sports performance model (BORG Klagenfurt & BORG Spittal) / 1 teacher training course / exercise and sport” / 3 umbrella organizations / 130 athletes in the Carinthia Sport club / over 1500 sports facilities / 10 educational institutions with a focus on sports.

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