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USSI Seminar: Athletics and those who tell it: Places, stories and changes of the queen of sports

ROME, December 22, 2023 – The Italian Sports Press Union (USSI) organised a seminar titled “Athletics and those who tell it: Places, stories and changes of the queen of sports” at the CONI Hall of Honour in Rome, in collaboration with the EuroRoma2024 Foundation and the Order of Journalists of Lazio. This is part of the USSI project to be carried out in 2024, the year of the European Championships and Olympics supported by Sport e Salute S.p.A., the year of the EuropeanAthletics  Championships and Olympics.

SPEAKERS Among the speakers were Silvia Salis, Deputy Vice President of CONI; Diego Nepi Molineris, CEO and Director of Sport e Salute S.p.A; and Stefano Mei in the dual role of FIDAL President and President of the EuroRoma2024 Foundation.

AWARDS The President of the Italian Sports Press Union Gianfranco Coppola, opened the second phase of the seminar – the one dedicated to journalists – which began with an awards ceremony.
Franco Fava (former middle-distance and steeplechase runner) and Giacomo Crosa (former high jumper) were recognised as former athletes who became famous journalists.
An USSI award – dedicated to the commitment channeled into supporting sport, its culture and its diffusion – went to Silvia Salis, Diego Nepi Molineris and Stefano Mei.

JOURNALISTIC EXPERIENCES: Lia Capizzi (a journalist who has always paid attention to the stories of athletes at the Olympics), Gianni Merlo (AIPS president and great expert in athletics), Azra Isic (Spanish / Bosnian AIPS journalist for international sporting events), Alerio Piccioni (journalist for La Gazzetta dello Sport, author of sports books, specialist in Olympic disciplines)  

AIPS President Gianni Merlo speaking at the USSI Seminar in Rome

Gabriella Stramaccioni, (former marathon runner, first female president of a provincial FIDAL committee, now Sports Director), Marco Sicari (journalist, Head of FIDAL Communication Area and Meeting Director of the Golden Gala in Rome)

USSI PROJECT The Seminar is the first event of the USSI project “iFormaMentis – Evolution 2023” which the Italian Sports Press Union has developed with the support of Sport e Salute in 2024. Partners of this ambitious programme are Corsa di Miguel, FederCUSI, AIPS and the EuroRoma2024 Foundation.

Source AIPS Media. To read the entire article with the summary of the interventions CLICK HERE

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