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Training of young journalists

The USSI (Unione Stampa Sportiva Italiana) intends to promote internships dedicated to European and multilingual journalism training for young people (under 25) coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Kärnten, Slovenija …..

The students, assisted by professionals and experts, will refine journalistic and communication techniques, learn the mechanics of a major sporting event and produce a newsletter and video services for documentation.

They will use the digital platform created by Panathlon to which they can access as a single editorial team.

The teachers will be made available by USSI which will seek the collaboration of the corresponding Carinthian and Slovenian associations. The press releases and the newsletter will be published in four languages (English, German, Italian and Slovenian).


Training young journalists in a cross-border culture and with a particular focus on sport. The students, whose mother tongue is different, will learn the most advanced journalistic techniques.

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