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AIPS mentors Keir Radnege, Riccardo Romani, Martin Mazur and Andrea Giannini

It is a cornerstone initiative for AIPS. Young journalists from all over the world are invited to cover a real sports event

The AIPS Young Reporters Programme is equivalent to a Master’s in sports journalism

Mission: In cooperation with top international sports federations and AIPS partners, the AIPS Young Reporters Programme offers the new generation a unique chance of first-hand experience at covering a top international event, of learning directly from experienced sports journalists and from their peers from all over the world. It offers young journalists starting off in the profession the opportunity and the learning experience of high-pressure situations in the day-to-day coverage of a sporting event.

After the programme’s end, the Young Reporters will have gained invaluable experience across all fields of sports journalism, they will have created an international network of colleagues from around the world, insight into the workings of an international sports federation, and a vastly improved level of English for those who do not have it as a first language.

To date, AIPS has organized 28 Young Reporters Programmes, with over 200 Young Reporters from more than 80 nations across 5 continents.

The AIPS Young Reporters Programme includes: ….

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