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Fencing: XI Master Dario Codarin Trophy

Great organizational effort for the traditional event in Klagenfurt organized by KAC Fecthen chaired by Andrea Birò-Unzeitig.

Present for the presentation of the trophy was Michael Ausserwinkler, who we remember as President of the Candidacy Committee for the Klagenfurt 2006 Olympic Games, in his capacity as President of the newly formed Panathlon Club Kärnten – Alpe – Adria, who brought his Club’s greetings to Margherita Alciati, President of the Panathlon Club Udine

The trophy in Klagenfurt is in fact dedicated to Maestro Codarin, panathlete. A further demonstration of the deep bonds that sport can build.

Two days of fencing in a spectacular pavilion, heated fights and a “panathletic” atmosphere among over 400 fencers from 25 nations.

The rankings

Trofeo Maestro Dario Codarin, Epee, Women, U17, Klagenfurt (AUT) – 28-10-2023
1.UKR   MAKSYMENKO Anna      2.POL    RATYNA Magda 3.GER   AYTEKIN Cagla  

Trofeo Maestro Dario Codarin/ Epee / Men / U17 Klagenfurt (AUT) 28-10-2023

Trofeo Maestro Dario Codarin/ Epee / Men / U17 team / Klagenfurt (AUT) 29-10-2023
1.HUN  HUNGARY           2.GBR   GREAT BRITAIN 1 3.         TUR       TURKEY

Trofeo Maestro Dario Codarin/ Epee / Women / U17 team / Klagenfurt (AUT) 29-10-2023
1.GER    GERMANY       2. UKR     UKRAINE       3.POL         POLAND

All rankings:

documentation-8626-2023-Epee-Mens-Individual-U17 documentation-8627-2023-Epee-Womens-Individual-U17 – Kopie documentation-13145-2023-Epee-Mens-Team-U17 documentation-13146-2023-Epee-Womens-Team-U17


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