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Sitting volleyball was born at the end of the 1950s in Holland with the aim of promoting, through sport, the social integration of people with physical disabilities. It consists of volleyball played while sitting on the ground with rules very similar to those of traditional volleyball.

It is a highly inclusive sport because it is also practiced by people without physical disabilities: the secret of this discipline is that sitting on the ground all the players are the same and no differences are noticeable. However, in many areas of Italy this sport is still little known and, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, asd Alta Resa is the only club to have a sitting volleyball team.

The Pordenone club has for some years undertaken a path aimed at spreading this sport throughout the regional territory and, with this in mind, has decided to propose it again for 2023, in collaboration with the Fipav FVG Regional Committee and the Fipav Pordenone Territorial Committee , the “Pordenone sitting volleyball League” event with the patronage of the Municipality of Pordenone, the Italian Paralympic Committee FVG, ANAOAI Pordenone, Panathlon Area 12 FVG and Panathlon Club Pordenone.

This year the event has reached its third edition and will take place in Pordenone on 25 and 26 November 2023 at the sports facility in via Prasecco n.3 in Pordenone (Borgomeduna locality). Eight teams will take part in the tournament: in addition to the hosts and organizers of the Alta Yield event, the Slovenians of Nova Gorica, Cus Verona, Brembate Sopra, Modena, Cesena, Ravenna and the new entry sitting volleyball Vicenza which has started just this sporting season to try his hand at this Paralympic sport.

The matches will begin on Saturday 25 November from 12.30pm to 9pm, while the final matches will be played on Sunday from 9am to around 1pm. The rules will require the presence of two women and a disabled person at all times on the pitch since the objective of the event is to have as many teams as possible participate. The event is part of a process of social and cultural awareness through sport, aimed at involving people with disabilities who will have the opportunity to compete on the same level with able-bodied people, breaking down the wall of indifference that often forces people disabled to marginalization.

This is just one of the many events that Asd Alta Resa has planned whose promotional objectives will lead its representatives to spread their ideals throughout the Region and beyond the border. The event will be organized with the important contribution of the Municipality of Pordenone, Fondazione Friuli and GEA spa. Also in the 2023 edition, ASD Alta Resa will promote environmental sustainability with the involvement of the “Rosmini” primary school of Villanova in the South District of Pordenone, to which tree specimens purchased from the regional nursery will be donated, which will be specifically identified and then replanted a few days before of the event, near the “San Marco” forest. The green area, managed by the school, is located a short distance from it and consists of a large piece of land used to educate primary school students on the importance of keeping ecological corridors active in the city and on our planet.

Local representatives of the city municipal administration and representatives of GEA spa will also participate in the replanting, which, in all editions of the event, has supported Alta Resa in its environmental initiatives. Furthermore, in the spring of 2024, a further educational day will be organized to monitor the growth status of the replanted specimens. The Alta Resa initiative, however, does not end here as the Pordenone sports association has started the “DISegnABLES: represent Paralympic sport with a drawing” contest. This project aims to involve all the pupils of the fifth classes of the four schools belonging to the Southern District of Pordenone with the aim of involving them and introducing them to the theme of social inclusion through sport. The students will have to represent with a drawing how they see Paralympic sport and the most beautiful and original works will be rewarded on Sunday 26 November, during the sitting volleyball tournament, just before the start of the finals.

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