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Panathlon: Fair Play

Sport is based on competition among people to establish who is the best. When such competition occurs  rules shared by all competitors are enforced. Thus, rule compliance is a basic requirement, without which sport does not exist, no game can be played. As a consequence of this, practicing sports implies a moral attitude that refers to a fundamental ethic: competitors decide to “play” according to rules which were codified to simply establish who prevails in an open, fair match, based on the respect for ourselves and for our opponent.

Fair play is about all of us, from athletes to all members of the world the surrounds them (managers, technicians, doctors and related figures, match officials, spectators, parents). No one should even think to engage in subterfuges or dishonest acts to prevail or let someone prevail to the detriment of the opponent.

Fair Play is the soul of sport. It is the element that makes a good match out of a match, does not trigger animosity, conveys a sense of freedom and beauty of the game. It is the unwritten rule, but one that is engraved in consciences, that make sport more human.

Fair Play Implementation Handbook


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