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NOCs worldwide step up efforts to combat competition manipulation

28 Apr 2023

During a webinar organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), National Olympic Committees (NOCs) from all continents were further alerted to the threat of competition manipulation and trained on how to best educate their athletes and officials on this important topic.
With several major multi-sports events, the Olympic qualifiers and the Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 and Olympic Games Paris 2024 on the horizon, the meeting provided a timely opportunity to sharesmart tools and informative material, and to allow some 70 NOCs to exchange best practices, and learn from each other.
 A number of NOCs from different continents and of all sizes presented their activities and explained how they have worked with national stakeholders to raise awareness among their athletes and entourage members of the risks associated with competition manipulation, notably in the context of Continental Games and the Olympic Games. Several NOCs indicated that working with their Believe in Sport Ambassadorsfor this purpose has proven to be highly effective.
The Believe in Sport Ambassadors are active or retired athletes, coaches or referees who work directly with their respective NOC and/or International Sports Federation (IF) in their efforts to prevent competition manipulation.

 Sharing best practice
The NOC of Slovenia, for instance, involved its Believe in Sport Ambassador, Andrej Miklavc (a retired Alpine skier), in all awareness-raising activities for its delegation ahead of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. This included a dedicated webinar, during which the NOC and Andrej presented the relevant rules and the Code of Conduct, distributed awareness-raising material and explained the reporting mechanism.
 Andrey, together with several other Believe in Sport Ambassadors, took part in the IOC webinar this week to share know-how with the 150 NOC representatives in attendance.

Source IOC News

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