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Panathlon is an international movement for the promotion and dissemination of sporting culture and ethics, according to the official recognition of the IOC, and aims to deepen, disseminate and defend the values of sport understood as a tool for training and enhancing the person and as a vehicle of solidarity between individuals and peoples.

The term “Panathlon”, coming from the Greek language, can be translated with the expression “together of sports disciplines”, while the motto “Ludis Iungit” means “united by sport”.

If you share these goals, you can support them with a sponsorship.

Sponsorship amounts are not collected by Panathlon but wholly and directly aimed at a specific initiative in favor of sport: a prize, a conference, an event, support for a specific association or athlete.

The request to permanently advertise the sponsor’s brand also on the website can add to the communication immediately connected to the specific sponsored initiative or event, the highlighting over time of its attention to the values promoted by Panathlon.

For more information, contact the President of the Panathlon Club in your area.

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