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23 September: X Aquaticrunner Grado-Lignano

 September 23, 2023

The TENTH edition of Aquaticrunner from Grado to Lignano (Northeast Italy), starting at 6:50, is a SwimRun competition, where you swim and run between the sea and the islands. 19 swim/run transactions (5.35/21.75/19 ) , for a total of 27.1 km of which 5.35 km of swimming and 21.75 km of running. Individual competition using the ”Pull-Buoy” and ”Swimming-Paddles”. The first edition was held in 2014, today it is the IWC (Individual-World-Championship) for the FIFTH time.

In the 2022 World Cup there were 17 nations, 2021 there were 20 nations represented with 240 qualified athletes, in 2019 there were 19 nations, while in 2018 22 nations from four continents participated.

For all information in English, French, Italian , German and Spanish visit the home page: Aquaticrunner


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