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1st Carinthia Panathlon Award to SV Donau Klagenfurt

LH Kaiser on awarding SV Donau Klagenfurt by the Panthlon Club Carinthia: promoting limitless youth sports under the premises of fairness and ethics, regardless of origin and gender

Klagenfurt 6.2.2024 Premiere in Sportland Carinthia! The Panathlon Award was presented for the first time yesterday, Tuesday. In the celebratory ambience of the Hall of Mirrors in the office of the Carinthian state government and in the presence of sports officer, state governor Peter Kaiser, SV Donau Klagenfurt received the award from the Panathlon International Club Kärnten-Alpe-Adria for its commitment to helping young people of all origins, nations, religions and… to train under the clear rules of the Panathlon International Club.
“Carinthia has been part of this international sports association since last year thanks to some founding fathers. The Panathlon International Club Carinthia Alpe-Adria promotes cross-border cooperation in the field of sports, youth sports and, above all, ethics and morals in sport,” explains Kaiser, who thanked Michael Ausserwinkler in particular for the fact that Carinthia is also part of the global sports movement that is in is represented in 24 countries around the world. “Especially at this time, we have to use what sport can do: Sport brings people together across borders and we have to promote ethics, because fairness, honesty and togetherness are the highest values that strengthen society. Panathlon with all its representatives is a guarantee for the consolidation of these values,” said Kaiser. The global association also makes a significant contribution to the education and upbringing of young people.  “We are honoring a club in Carinthia with the 1st Panathlon Award that has lived the Panathlon idea throughout its existence. Young people and athletes from different nations, connected through sport, experience community, cohesion and build bridges. Above all, the continuity that SV Donau shows in this valuable activity is exemplary. The state of Carinthia would like to thank everyone who contributes to giving young people, regardless of their origin, a sporting home,” emphasized Kaiser when presenting the certificates.
Together with Ausserwinkler, Josef Müller, the President of Panathlon Austria, Christiane Loinig-Velik (Vice President) and Vice President Erich Salcher, Kaiser was able to present not only the certificate to the chairman of SV Donau Klagenfurt, Wilfried Guggenberger, but also a check for the amount of 2,000 euros. As a sports consultant, Kaiser promised to increase this sponsored amount from the state as part of sports funding. Andra Grossmann from the Balance Hotel in Pörtschach also presented a picture.
As part of the first award ceremony, Kaiser also welcomed Paolo Perin, the Governor of Panathlon Friuli Venezia Giulia, and thanked him for the constant, cross-border cooperation that exists between Carinthia and Friuli, not just in sport, but in many areas.
Müller thanked for the award and noted that “it will make the youngest Panathlon Club visible to the outside world and increase awareness of the Panathlon movement.” “We support young people, no matter where they come from and no matter whether they have to cope with their lives with disabilities through sport, thereby creating community and togetherness. We are united in sport,” said Müller, explaining the motto of Panathlon worldwide.
Michael Ausserwinkler said that it was almost a duty to set up a Panathlon Club in Carinthia between Italy and other federal states, which happened around a year ago. “With the club we want to create a climate that enables every parent to guarantee children access to sport. Ethics and safety for humane handling are just two of our basic principles. “It’s no longer just faster, higher, stronger, but faster, higher, stronger together,” said Ausserwinkler, referring to the Olympic motto that has been in effect since 2020.
The Panathlon movement was founded in Venice in 1951 and aims to spread the values of sport and to contribute to education and promote solidarity among peoples. Panathlon International is a sports association that includes 283 clubs with over 13,000 members. It is present in twenty-four countries in Europe, America and East Asia. The Austria district has around 140 members. All supporters in the Panathlon Carinthia work on a voluntary basis.

Press release from the Carinthian State Press Service
Gerlind Robitsch – Photo credits LPD Kärnten/Gernot Gleiss
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